Representative Pricing

   Traditional size 1.25

   Muffin size 1.50

     Sprinkles included

     Filled - $.05 each extra

   Specialty decorated - depends on type of decorations

Cookies (large variety available): 2/1.00 3/1.00 4/1.00
    Depending on variety, cookies are 2, 3, or
       4 for $1.00

 Moon Pies (cookie or cake) 1.00 1.50
Push-pops (cake/cupcake in a tube): 2.00

Cake Pops 1.25

   (cardboard stand available, holds 44 pops) 4.00
Brownies (approximately 3" x 3") 1.00

   Frosted 1.25

   Filled 1.30

   Brownie bites (approximately 1"x1") 0.50

Single Serving Bread/Cake  1.00 2.00
Quick Breads (6" loaf) 3.50
Yeast Breads (8" loaf) 4.00
(pumpkin, banana, apple, missionary, cranberry, zucchini, , etc.)
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes 2.00

Muffin Tops (top of muffin only)


Muffins (full size)


Mini Cupcakes

Mini Pies (apple, cherry, etc.)


Full size pies (apple, cherry, etc.) 6.00

Fruit dumpling "pies" 3.00

Cupcake Cakes
Price based on size and design

Jumbo Cupcake (7" tall) 6.00

Xtra Large Cupcake (4" tall) 4.00

Specialty Cakes (birthday, anniversary, wedding, retirement, congratulations, etc.) Price based on size and design
Fudge (chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, etc.) (signature recipe)


Barks (approximately 2"x2") (peppermint, chocolate nut, salted caramel, etc.) .30

Marshmallow Smores (bite sized or large marshmallow dipped in chocolate on a toothpick) .25

Buckeyes 1.00

Truffles (variety available) 1.25

Chocolate Salted Caramel Nut Bites (one of top 5 favorites at 2013 Sweet Treats Festival)


Cake/Pumpkin Rolls (half or full size) 4.00 (half) 7.00 (full)

12" Jumbo Cookies (round, square, heart shaped):
   Decorated Price based on type of decorations

   Undecorated 5.00

Cookie on a Stick 1.25

Seasonal Items:

   Apple butter, apple sauce 5.00 jar

   Bread and butter pickles 5.00 jar
   Jams/jellies 4.00 jar

Quantity pricing available on all products!

New items are constantly being added/available in the Bakery

Above listing not all inclusive.  If you don't see
what you want, talk to me!

Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free products available.  Extra charges (may) apply due to
cost of specialty ingredients.  Ask for a quote!
I offer different/variety of items daily in the Bakery.  I post on Facebook and Twitter daily with items available.  I'm always looking for suggestions of items you want to buy in the Bakery!

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